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Your Pet's Day as our Dental Patient

Pets undergoing dental procedures spend the day with us.  When you bring your pet to the hospital, a technician will meet with you and to review the scheduled work.  Once your pet is taken to the treatment area, a technician is assigned to be their caregiver and will give them special attention throughout the day.


Dental procedures are usually performed mid-day.  Before any procedure takes place, your pet will be examined by the veterinarian.  Medications are given to relax your pet before dentistry.  Dental procedures generally require general anesthesia.  Patients are monitored closely using ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen & CO2 levels.  Intravenous fluids maintain hydration and blood pressure at normal levels.  In addition your pet is maintained at a normal body temperature using a surgery blanket infused with flowing hot air.


The mouth is first examined for any signs of concern.  The areas of heavy tartar are removed with a special dental instrument.  The teeth are then scaled using an ultrasonic scaler.  The scaler removes all bits and particles of debris from the surface of each tooth.  The area just under the gums is also cleaned and the debris is washed away.  After scaling, the teeth are polished using a fine grit prophy paste.  Thereafter, a sealant, Oravet Barrier Sealant, is applied to the exterior surfaces of each tooth.  The sealant minimizes the ability of plaque to adhere to tooth surface, minimizing onset of periodontal disease.


Our practice can also perform dental x-rays, providing a view of the tooth structure and all supporting tissues.  These pictures provide a comprehensive look at each tooth and offer valuable information for evaluating the tooth's health.  We recommend dental radiographs with each cleaning procedure.

If it is determined that a tooth is not healthy, we may recommend surgical extraction of the tooth.  In this event, a variety of specialized dental instruments and equipment are used to remove the diseased tissue.  Then, sutures are placed to close the gum tissue following removal.  Medications will be provided for your pet to facilitate proper healing.


Following the procedure, either the doctor or technician assigned to your pet will call you with your medical update.  When you arrive to pick up your pet, you will meet your technician to review home instructions and to answer questions you might have.  Your pet will be flashing those pearly whites for some time to come!


We encourage questions.  If you have concerns about your pet's dental health or feel your pet may require some dental work please feel free to call and schedule an appointment.


Our goal is to ensure that your pet receives the finest medical care possible.  Please feel free to call to speak with any of our educated staff members to get answers to all your questions.




The Norwich Regional Animal Hospital Staff