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We understand surgery day often causes apprehension and concern for your pet's well being.   The following information outlines the general protocol we follow at Norwich Regional Animal Hospital in providing the best care possible to each of our surgery patients. 

Your Pet's Day as our Surgery Patient 

When your pet is dropped off in the morning a technician is assigned to be the caregiver for your pet throughout the day. That technician will greet you in the morning and go over any necessary paperwork to facilitate their stay.

Your pet is taken to the kennel area of the hospital and given special attention.  Their cages are lined with comfortable towels and blankets to make them feel more at home.  Any items from home are appreciated to make your pet feel more comfortable.
Before any surgical procedure takes place, your pet is examined by the doctor.  Pre-medications are given to cause sedation and relax your pet before they are taken to surgery.
Surgical procedures are usually performed in the early afternoon.  Your pet's technician assists in prepping your pet for surgery including setting up monitoring equipment to evaluate ECG, pulse, heart rate, blood pressure, and CO2 and O2 levels.  Pets generally receive fluids during surgery to maintain hydration and blood pressure at normal levels.  In addition, your pet is maintained at a normal body temperature using a heated surgery table or with surgery blankets infused with flowing hot air.
Your pet is carefully monitored during the surgical procedure.  Not only does your pet have the careful watch of the doctor, but also the watchful eyes of a technician assisting in surgery. 
Post-surgery, your pet is cared for by the same technician who sits by them in a kennel, stimulating them as they awake. As soon as they are awake you will receive a call from us letting you know their status and our assessment of the procedure.
Most pets are able to have food quickly upon recovery. Dogs are taken for walks as soon as they are able.  Cats have access to their litter box.
Most patients return home early evening.  The recommended discharge time is communicated to you when the technician calls you post-surgery. You will have a discharge appointment with the technician who spent the day with your pet. At-home instructions are reviewed at this appointment. 
We encourage you to ask any questions either pre- or post-surgery. We hope your concerns are eased knowing the detailed care we assume in caring for your pet. Thank you for entrusting their care to us.
The Norwich Regional Animal Hospital Staff

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