Norwich Regional Animal Hospital

13 Fogg Farm Road
White River Junction, VT 05001


Whisker Wednesdays! 

A day dedicated entirely to our quieter, and often more sensitive, companion cats!  We recognize that car travel is extremely anxiety-provoking, followed by arrival at a foreign place with scary smells, loud noises, and oftentimes, a novel species (dogs!), which compounds the trauma.  In the veterinary world, it is often said that “cats are not small dogs”.  Physiologically and behaviorally, they are distinct from dogs in countless ways.  They can be masterful in hiding their pain and illness, especially when running on adrenaline during a veterinary visit.  Thus, anything and everything we can do to minimize this stress is of critical importance to facilitating a thorough and meaningful exam.   With their exquisitely fine-tuned senses, a day in which the hospital is only theirs will be incredibly helpful.  Beyond this, we will be taking additional steps to enhance the comfort of their visits:

  • Feliway facial pheromone diffuser plug-ins in each room: these emulate the facial pheromone scent that cats use to mark their favorite things, places, and people, signaling a place that is happy and acceptable! (@feliwayclassic)
  • Classical music softly playing in the background, as this has been shown to reduce stress and pain for cats.
  • The entire support team has received cat-specific handling education via the American Association of Feline Practitioner’s Cat Friendly coursework, and they are Cat Friendly-certified professionals. Dr. Hazzard and Dr. Colgan have also completed veterinarian-specific coursework, certifying them as Cat Friendly Veterinarians. Handling will be non-painful, with no scruffing ever, and only towels, fleece, and soft canvas will be used as needed to facilitate positioning for lab work, nail trimming, and exams or out-patient procedures.
  • The weight scales each have a Cat Canoe (@thecatcanoe) bed with a fresh, soft fleece blanket for each patient. This ensures a cushioned, comfortable space in which they can hide and/or be somewhat covered for their weight, or even the entire exam, if preferred!
  • The team and doctor are happy to do the exam and diagnostics in the bottom half of the cat carrier, if the carrier design allows!
  • If, in spite of all of these measures, your cat is still too stressed for safe examination, we can discuss rescheduling with an oral anti-anxiety medication to be given in advance of travel to the veterinary hospital, or we can consider administration of an injectable sedative the same day, if needed.

Additionally, Dr. Hazzard has seven years of feline-dedicated practice within cat hospitals in Massachusetts, Maine, and Colorado.  She also completed 300 credit hours of feline-dedicated graduate coursework in feline internal medicine via the University of Sydney, Australia. 

The premier Whisker Wednesday launches January 20th, so please call or write to schedule for this special day!

We hope you are as excited about this cat hospital within a small animal hospital as we are!  The other four days a week, of course, remain open to our canine companions as usual.   They are adored and loved as much as always!!  Should you have a canine emergency on a Whisker Wednesday, please call to see if we can make an exception or advise on the best course of action.